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Aeriform Sports is all about the smell. We want to eliminate that foul odor coming off your sports equipment. Our unique approach to cleansing pads utilizes Ozone to kill anything that causes odors, without using perfumes, chemicals, or potential irritants.
Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule that, in high concentrations, penetrates living cells. The smell coming off those pads mainly come from bacteria and mildew. And it's not just the smell! Ozone will kill any potentially harmful organisms like MRSA, Ring Worm, or any living viruses, bacteria, or fungi.
We also understand the busy schedules of families involved in sports. So we strive to make it as convenient as possible by scheduling a time to pick up the equipment immediately after practice, games, tournaments, or wherever needed. We return the equipment within 48 hours to wherever is most convenient for you.

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